With the ongoing congestion and backlog of containers sitting at the ports and off shore, we may see more blank sailing at US Port in the near term. We have yet to find a workable solution to the current backlog of containers sitting off the coast in Los Angeles and other ports the only way to fix the problem in the short term will be blank sailing at US Ports, something that has been happening at foreign ports for some time. While the Port Authority and the Union continue to blame each other for congestion issues and until carriers invest more in the infrastructure and better ways to communicate and better management and a balancing of surplus and demand areas, there will be a continued problems facing shippers. We are starting to see schedule changes blank sailing and new Vessel rotations to try to aleve the backlogs.

My hope that this will offer relief to the back logs in the next few month, during that time the leadership in the shipping companies ports authorities and other critical parts of our transportation industry start to come up with a clear plan for regular increased business as overall trade grows by 5 to 10 percent per year over the next 5 year there will be a continued strain on our system unless we start to take action now on ways to update and improve our transportation infrastructure. We need automated systems at the ports better communication between carriers and terminal operators shipper and truckers, Renewed negotiation with Unions that deal with the changing environment and investment in technology that reaches across the different parts of the transportation infrastructure from the Terminal Carriers and Rail systems to Shippers 3PL and Truckers.